Hankins Cutie Bars

Kaluha is a quick and catty mare with a very pretty head and neck with excellent conformation.  These are foundation bloodlines of Sask.'s performance industry.  Full sister is a trained reiner. 15.1HH

AG tested HYPP n/n, HERDA n/n, GBED n/GBED, MH n/n, PSSM1 n/n. 

Sandy Barb


Classic Cutie Bars

Classic Solanos

Mitee Cutie Bar

Mitee Continental



Sire DOB
Sorrel filly
Tivios Classic Cutie
Tivio Player 2009

Grullo colt
Classic Doll Docsan

Doll Docsan 2011

Black colt

Dunitsmart Thistime 2013
Bay colt
Dunitsmart Thistime 2015

Dun filly

Dunitsmart Thistime 2017

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Updated: May 6, 2018