Mare Sire Dam Dam sire Bred to for 2020
2007 Sorrel mare
Miss Badgers West
Skat Kat Solanos Badgers Gay West Badgers Kilobar Jr Dunitsmart Thistime
2004 Sorrel mare
BR Smokin Lady
Solanos Peppy San Hickory Smokin Docs Hickory Dunitsmart Thistime
2008 Sorrel mare
One Bueno Chick
Bueno Cash Quixote One Gun Chick One Gun Dunitsmart Thistime
2011 Sorrel mare
Tag N Tango
Whiz N Tag Chex A Genuine Tango Genuine Doc Dunitsmart Thistime
2011 Sorrel mare
The Wright Jewel
The Jewel Snipper CS Wright on Kay Wright on and Muddy Dunitsmart Thistime

2007 Sorrel mare

Listos Special Chic

Listo Pollito Lena Dry Especial Leigh Especial Dunitsmart Thistime

2009 Sorrel mare


Smart Spook Rush N Cat Little Rush Dunitsmart Thistime

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